A Day at Disney World Without Kids

My trip to Florida ended with a visit to the mouse and his playground at Disney World. I had been to Walt Disney World one time before, when I was in elementary school. I didn’t remember too much about it so I was excited when Amy and Roberta immediately said “yes” when I brought up the idea of going there. We left from Venice early in the morning and headed to Epcot first. We has purchased our tickets and reserved fast passes ahead of time so we were ready to go from the moment we arrived!


Epcot and the Magic Kingdom were all decorated for the holidays while we were there and I loved admiring all of the different decorations. The Mickey and Minnie decorations below were the first to greet us when we entered Epcot Center.


I think the trees below are really pretty as well.


Next up was Goofy and Donald Duck.


A cute snowman…Disney style


Finally boarding our first ride of the day at Epcot.


All of the fast passes we had were for rides at the Magic Kingdom so we were only able to spend a couple of hours at Epcot in the morning before having to head over to the Magic Kingdom.


Below was our first sighting of the Magic Kingdom castle off in the distance from where we exited the free tram. The tram let us off at the main parking area for Disney World. This is where we should have parked, versus at Epcot Center because it was centrally located. Oh well. Live and learn I guess.


From the main parking area, we took a ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom. It was cool in Orlando the day we were there. It wasn’t a problem on the way to the Magic Kingdom but it was very cold on the ferry trip back later that evening. dsc_0073

I didn’t know what to expect when I got to Disney World. Would I enjoy it as an adult? Any concerns I had were put to rest as soon as the castle came into close view. It’s magical and brings out the joy and excitement in everyone I think. I could have hung out in the town square and the area in front of the castle all day. There always seemed to be something going on and people watching there was good too. For most of the day, I could be seen gawking around and snapping photos while forgetting to keep walking…only to find myself far behind Amy and Roberta on the way to our next destination. But it was worth it to soak the experience in and enjoy it.





I loved the Mickey shaped pretzels.


They had a cute coronation for a new princess while we were enjoying our pretzels.


Our first ride was the Jungle Cruise. The puns!?! “The Nile river goes on for Niles and Niles and Niles and if you don’t believe me you’re in denial.” Ugh! I would skip using a fast pass for this ride in the future (actually, I would skip the ride all together, even without a fast pass).



Amy didn’t like this ride either.


Then we took a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpets.dsc_0126-2


My favorite part of the day was watching the parade come through downtown at the Magic Kingdom. It was so neat to see all of the characters.

First up was Elsa, Anna and Olaf!


Flounder was always my favorite character in the Little Mermaid. I was excited to see he made it to the top of this float.


Captain Hook and his ship


A creepy looking dragon…


…that breathed real fire


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsdsc_0164-2



Donald and Daisy!


Goofy and one of the Chipmunks dsc_0176-2



And bringing up the rear of the parade were Mickey and Minnie


Walt and Mickey


My favorite ride of the day was Splash Mountaindsc_0187-2dsc_0189-2dsc_0191-2

Another show in front of the castle. So many of the characters participated in this one.dsc_0204-2dsc_0220-2

Riding the carousel


Minnie again during a mini parade in the eveningdsc_0251-2

The castle looked amazing at night. I could have sat and admired it for hours. dsc_0260-2


And then it was even prettier when it turned purple


This is a selfie looking from the castle to the front entrance towards the big Christmas tree in the town center.


Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…


Amy and Roberta had to get an Uber from my hotel in Tampa back to Venice that evening and I had an early flight back to Chicago the next morning so we did not stay for the fireworks (total bummer). But I had such a good time and cannot wait to go back again and catch them soon! Next time, I also want to meet the characters and get photos with them. Now that I have been there once as an adult, I know what I want to see next time and how to better plan to make it happen.

On the way to our car, I stopped and took one last photo of Epcot all lit up. Such a wonderful day!


PS. The answer to the title of this post is the B shells are too small and D shells are too big. (Sorry – the lingering effects of the Jungle Cruise made me do it). 🙂


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