Las Vegas: What Happens There, Stays There (as long as it’s not me that stays)

Las Vegas…I want to like Las Vegas. I really, really do. I know many people who love it. There are cool hotels with amazing pools. Great shows. Lots of lights and things to see. Gambling. What’s not to like, right?

I went to Vegas for the first time several years ago with a friend for her cousin’s wedding. It was a fun, crazy weekend but I wasn’t very impressed. I could not find the allure in a place that tries to trap me indoors and take my money. And I might have had a little too much fun on my last night there, making my 7am flight back to Chicago on Sunday horrible. I can’t easily forget a bad flight like that so I knew it would take an offer I couldn’t refuse to go back.

That offer came from my friends, Joe and Chris, to go see a Jimmy Buffett concert there. I love going to Jimmy Buffett concerts and they are even better when I get to go with Joe and Chris. I figured if Joe, Chris and Jimmy couldn’t get me to like Vegas, it is a doomed cause.

As we were approaching Las Vegas on the plane from Dallas, we flew over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. I visited the Hoover Dam when I was in Las Vegas the first time but it was neat to see it from above as well.

I know Joe and Chris from my days in Chicago. Joe was one of the first people I met when I moved there. He was a friend of my former roommate and is one of the most fun people I know. He has some crazy adventures and I love when I am along on them. He took me to my first Jimmy Buffett show many years ago and I have been a Parrot Head ever since. We both love the Cubs too! He met his wife Chris about 10 years ago and I have become great friends with her over the years as well. They are one of my favorite couples to hang out with and are always so wonderful to me.

We stayed at the MGM Signature and the pool complex included a lazy river. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours each afternoon we were there. Our last day in Vegas was the last day the pools at the hotel were open for the season. I was surprised – I figured they stayed open all year long.

unnamed (9)

There was so much going on on Saturday – the Hawkeyes played in the morning (they beat Northwestern, yay!), the Cubs played in the afternoon (lost to the Mets, boo!) and then the concert was that evening. It was a busy, but fun, day! We watched the Hawkeye game at a sports bar in the MGM, the Cubs game at the Flamingo during the Buffett pre-concert pool party and then the concert was at the MGM. Joe and I finished the night at the piano bar in the Paris hotel.

unnamed (10)

Fins up!!

It was a good trip and I loved spending time with Joe and Chris. And I only lost $20.70 from gambling ($20 since the Cubs aren’t going to win the 2015 World Series and $.70 on the slots). But it might be a while before I go back again…and before the ringing in my ears stops from all the slot machines.


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