Riding the Rim of the Waipi’o Valley in Hawaii

On Thursday, I set out to ride the rim of the Waipi’o Valley on an ATV. This valley is also known as the Valley of the Kings and was once a favorite retreat of Hawaiian Royalty. The walls around 3 sides of the valley are cliffs which made it a very safe place to live because the only way in or out back then was from the ocean. Waterfalls drop 1,200 feet from the Kohala Mountains to the valley floor. The valley is completely off the grid (no electricity) but the valley was once the center of Hawaiian life. The only way onto the valley now is via a treacherous road that only four-wheel-drive vehicles may attempt. I didn’t go into the valley – I just explored the rim on a 4 wheeler. I figured out as we were preparing for this tour that it’s a great way to pick out the city folks from the county folks. Who knew it was so difficult for grown men to figure out how to use their thumb for the gas while not using their 4 fingers on the brake at the same time? I grew up with a dirt bike and my brother has a 4 wheeler now that I ride often so it was nothing new for me. The tour itself was really fun. It was pretty foggy and sprinkled for most of the tour but we still had a great time and saw some amazing views.

Before the tour, I hung out on the beach by my hotel. The beach is on Anaehoimalu Bay. I like it because the water was really calm. No waves crashing into shore. It is so peaceful and beautiful.  

Waiting for others to finish the training course before the rim tour. I really need to work on my selfies. I always look ridiculous.


This was the first stop on our tour. We could see the ocean, looked back at something else our guide was pointing out and then we looked back to the ocean, it was so foggy we couldn’t see it anymore. Pretty crazy!       

This waterfall was the highlight of our second stop. We got to go swimming. The water was… Refreshing? Invigorating? Brisk? Really, just freezing cold.   

This waterfall falling into the valley is amazing. It is partially fed from the smaller waterfall we saw on stop 2.           

After the tour, I decided to stop off and spend some time on Kaunaoa Beach. It is such a nice beach. The sand was so fine and it went way out into the water. It was nice to walk out into the ocean and not have to worry about stepping on rocks. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any sand left. I got pummeled by a wave when I wasn’t paying attention and I’m pretty sure I brought all the sand back with me in my swimsuit when I left. Ugh!  

This little boy was so funny. Sorry about my finger but you can see he is adorable. I was relaxing on the beach with my eyes closed and this is what I saw when I opened them. He was right in front of me. He was so friendly. His name is Ivan. He is also a bit naughty so I heard his name often as he was being scolded by his parents. But I thought he was hilarious and adorable (he’s not my kid after all 😉).   

Here are a few photos of the grounds around my hotel. I’m staying at the Marriott on Waikoloa Beach. It’s a great hotel and I have really enjoyed my time here.



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