Family Trip to South Dakota – Part 1

Hello again! I am sorry for the extended absence. I moved from Dallas back to Chicago in March and haven’t traveled much as I got settled. All of that changed three weeks ago when I embarked on what I am calling a “Great Western Adventure.” I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone and my sister has as well so we decided to load up her car with her two kids and our mom and take off for Yellowstone. Along with seeing Yellowstone, I knew I would be able to check off several states I have not been to as well – Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah to be exact.

We headed out on a Friday afternoon from my parents’ house and spent the first night in Sioux Falls, SD. Sioux Falls is five hours from my parents’ house and by that point, we were all ready to get out of the car and the kids were ready to hit the swimming pool (we strategically made sure there was a pool at every hotel we stayed in. It was a great incentive for them to behave during the day and a perfect way for them to expend energy in the evenings).

On Saturday morning, we took off and stopped by the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD since it was on our way heading west and I have heard so much about it. The corn palace in Mitchell has been around for more than 120 years and is decorated each year with naturally colored corn and other grains and native grasses to make it “the agricultural show-place of the world.” While it is a tourist attraction for Mitchell, the palace is also used for basketball games, proms, meetings and local high school graduations. It was interesting to read about the history of the palace inside but overall, there isn’t too much to see so it was a quick stop for us.


There were too many interesting stuffed animals to check out so they were not interested in my Davy Crockett inspired photo unfortunately.


After visiting the corn palace, we headed west about an hour to visit my cousin, Jeff, and his family.  Jeff and his wife Theresa moved to South Dakota several years ago. He works for a ranch out there. They have a wonderful family and it had been a while since we had seen them so it was nice to chat and catch up. We had a lovely visit and hope to see them again soon!

Twins holding twins! Alexys and Creighton are holding Jeff and Theresa’s twins, Cecelia and Philomena.


The fact that all of the kids in the photo below are looking forward is a pretty great feat. DSC_0228

Of course we had to get one with Jeff too!



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