Family Weekend in Chicago

Two weeks ago, my mom, sister, niece and nephew came to Chicago to visit. I love when they come because we always have a fun time. This time was no exception.

Stella was thrilled to have company…until Lexy wanted to see what she looks like with her coat on. Poor Stells!

Starting her young…standing up for our rights!

Their first Chicago style pizza experience. They are fans! And yes, sitting on the couch, eating pizza while watching a kids’ show is perfectly acceptable at Aunt Carmen’s place.

Fun with peel off masks

After a quick stop for some Stan’s Donuts the next morning, we headed out for the Museum of Science and Industry. The adults had been there before (although not recently) but the kids had never been. They had been to the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier several times and loved it. I hoped that they would love the MS&I as much.

Using a balloon to demonstrate the direction of winds during a tornado.

Then Creighton got to stand in the middle of the tornado – he was really excited about it!

Exploring so many of the exhibits…

This photo makes me laugh. Amber picked that moment to touch Creighton and there was a charge that slightly shocked him. His facial expression is priceless.

Wind simulation tube…

The kids (especially Creighton) loved running in front of this screen with their movements projected onto the screen behind them

All aboard!

Checking out the baby chicks. Unfortunately, there weren’t any close to fully hatching in the egg section yet.

Lexy was a chick magnet!

This was their favorite part….

She had to peddle hard to get the water to the top of the tube in front of her but she did get it to overflow.

Say “Cheese!”

By the time we got to the submarine, all of the tickets to tour the inside for that day were sold out. Creighton wasn’t shy about letting us know how he felt about that. Sorry buddy! We will plan ahead next time.

We left the museum after a few hours and headed back to my apartment to relax for a bit before dinner. When we got there, Creighton asked if he could try that black stuff on his face that we had on the night before….so we masked him up!

I always trick Amber into putting puzzles together at my house. She left me with strict instructions to finish it for her….and I haven’t put a piece in yet. Hehe. I promise I will get to it!

We had dinner at Cafe BaBaReeba…my favorite tapas and sangria restaurant. The food was delish (as always) and I think the kids enjoyed it too!

Everyone calls her my mini me…I don’t see it…

Oh Creighton!

Finally a smile.

Yay for public transportation. I love doing stuff like this with them when they come visit.

Judging by the photos below, I think they had a great day. I hope they come back soon! 💜


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