Two weekends in Austin, Texas

Who needs to pack when there are fun things to do, right? I am going with that because instead of packing, I spent the past two weekends with family in Austin. 

The first weekend, my aunts Julie and Elaine and cousin Sue flew down from Iowa and IL to visit my cousin Deb. Deb moved to Austin about a year and a half ago and recently bought and remodeled a home. She invited me to spend the weekend as well so away I went. I was excited to see family I hadn’t seen in a while and see her new home (it’s beautiful). 

On Saturday, we had lunch at the Salt Lick. The Salt Lick is a famous BBQ joint in Austin. We went to the original one southwest of Austin. The place is enormous and the food is delicious. The atmosphere is really fun too. It was the perfect way to start our day.     

After lunch, we headed to the UT campus for an afternoon showing of the “Sound of Music.” The show was great. Maria and the nun could belt it out beautifully! However, there were some differences between the movie and this show. There was no gazebo. The music was all out of order. The Captain’s fiancé before Maria was snarky and crass. And Rolfe did not turn them in at the end in the play. But despite the differences and omissions, I really enjoyed the show and the company I was with all weekend. 


The next weekend, my brother, sister in law and cousin, Mike, drove down to  Texas from Iowa. They drove to Dallas on Friday and then we headed to Austin to stay with Deb on Sat.

 I got a bunch of blankets out at my apartment so Mike could sleep on the couch on Friday night. Stella decided to make the pile her throne. It looks like a scene from “The Princess and the Pea.”  

On our way to Austin, we stopped in Waco to go to the Magnolia Market. Apparently this market is owned by the couple who star in the show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. I don’t watch much TV and have never seen “Fixer Upper,” although I know more about Chip and Joanna than I will ever need to know after this trip. The market was packed! I couldn’t believe all of the people who stop just to buy old things in a store. It was quite a scene. The line to get into the store when we left was a couple of blocks long. As my brother said, they need to add Magnolia Bar and then they might really have something.       

After the Magnolia Market, we headed to my cousin Wes and his wife Amber’s house in Austin. They recently purchased the house and did some renovations so it was great to see them and check it all out. Ironically, my aunt and uncle (Wes’ parents) were visiting, also from Iowa. So we accomplished seeing a lot of people with one visit. After touring Wes and Amber’s new home, we headed out to lunch. We went to Easy Tiger on 6th Street. Deb and I split the German board pictured below. It was delicious! I love when I have the opportunity to try new places and foods.   

Group photo!  

On Saturday night, we hit Rainey Street bars. The area is really neat. It’s a section of town in which the houses were converted to restaurants and bars. We went to a bar called Container Bar, which was not built from a house but instead was built from shipping containers. Later in the evening, we got some food from the food trucks (yummy tacos) before heading back to Deb’s for the evening.  

We walked to the top of Mount Bonnell on Sunday morning to check out the views. You could see for miles and miles and we think we spotted Sandra Bullock’s and Matthew McConaughey’s houses. 🙂      

Touring the UT campus. A photo with a long-lost cousin?   

Salt Lick round 2.    

Our last Uber ride for the weekend…which involved Daryl sitting in the front of a Prius. He proceeded to spout off the gas mileage the car was getting as we were riding home. At one point, it was 99 miles/gallon. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get that with his truck.  


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